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Make Sure You Haven't Eaten Anything In The Last 24 Hours Before Reading This

We all devote considerable time and energy to complaining about the horrible job that Charley Casserly did during his six and a half years (remember, he was hired way back on January 19, 2000) piloting the Good Ship Texan.  Well, all of us except Scott, who continues to somehow insist that Casserly wasn't responsible for the countless kick-to-the-groin-of-the-city personnel moves made by the team while he held the title of "General Manager" and was, you know, in charge of acquiring personnel.  But are we being fair?

Yes.  Yes, we most definitely are.  In fact, we might be letting Scott's crush off waaaaaaaay too easy.  The Texans currently feature a whopping twelve (12) of the thirty-seven (37) players they selected in the draft from 2002-2005 (we'll consider the 2006 Draft a push, as there is some debate as to whether Casserly or Kubes wore the daddy pants at last year's proceeding):

Pitts (2002)
Weary (2002)
Faggins (2002)
Dre (sole remaining 2003 draftee)
Dunta (2004)
Babin (2004)
Earl (2004)
C. Anderson (2004)
Tr. Johnson (2005)
Mathis (2005)
Hodgdon (2005)
C.C. Brown (2005)

In other words, that's a 67.6% attrition rate, and that doesn't even account for the boneheaded trade for Phillip Buchanon or the supplemental pick used for Tony Hollings.  Nor does it account for the possible cutting of ties with Travis Johnson and/or Jerome Mathis in a matter of weeks.  And I didn't even get into the dearth of actual difference-making starting-caliber players in the Immortal Twelve.  I'm going to have to remove all the shoelaces from my sneakers tonight.

So anytime a non-Texans fan wonders aloud why the Texans have been such a laughingstock throughout their existence, tell him/her to put a sock in his/her wordhole about the offensive line.  The conversation begins and ends with Charley Casserly.