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While the Rest of the World Is Asleep, Travis Johnson Is Trying to Become Mediocre

File this under "Too Little, Too Late" and cross-reference it with "I Don't Give a Crap."  I'm tickled that Houston's freaking FIRST-ROUND draft pick from 2005 has decided that it might be time to start putting forth a genuine effort, but it begs the obvious question as to why it took Kubes telling him that, you know, staying in shape and not being a dog are key components to success in the NFL.  

I'm all for personal responsibility, so why did I giggle when I read "The only person that can stop Travis is Travis?"  I'll tell you why--because it's completely inaccurate.  Travis can surely stop Travis, but it appears any offensive lineman can as well.  Otherwise, the Texans wouldn't have decided to spend their first-round pick on a defensive tackle when they just spent a first-round pick on a defensive tackle two (2) years ago and have several other needs on both sides of the ball.  

Speaking of, I clearly recall when the Texans picked Tr. Johnson in the 2005 Draft.  It came from out of nowhere; no pre-draft publication that I read even mentioned the Florida State DT as a possibility for the Texans.  I remember feverishly rationalizing the pick while simultaneously weeping about Houston passing on the opportunity to add Jammal Brown or Derrick Johnson.  

Two years later, I'm through attempting to rationalize the pick.  It hasn't worked out, apparently due in large part to Travis Johnson not "getting it."  As he's allegedly due $996,220.00 in deferred bonus money this season, cutting Tr. Johnson would not be a totally clean break.  Then again, Johnson's words might provide guidance to Smithiak as they surely wrestle with the decision:

"The bottom line is that you have to do whatever it takes to get on the field, or you get left behind."

Seems to me that someone's gotten left behind.  Time to move on.