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Think It, Sure, but DON'T Say It

Sure, it's not directly Texans-related, but it smells like something that the Texans would do (at least under the previous regime), so I find it worthy of a mention.  Romeo Crennel is not blowing any smoke about his muddled QB situation in Cleveland; he's actually flipping a freaking coin to choose his starter for the Browns' preseason opener.  I am fully aware that this is a preseason game and that camp has just started.  I am also fully aware that choosing between Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye is like choosing between chapped lips and a stubbed toe.  Finally, I am also fully aware that this early in the preseason, coaches probably do use such arbitrary methods to decide issues such as starting roles when the players are only going to see the field for a brief stint.  However, Romeo Crennel is making a couple of million dollars this year to make such difficult decisions.  Flip a coin - fine, if you are really that indecisive.  But make it public?  Absolutely Solmonian.