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Thoughts on the Bears Game

Please forgive Tim and me for the delay in posting on the first preseason game.  The bondsman should have Tim out in time for work on Monday morning.  My excuse is that I am forced to watch the game recorded from its midnight NFL Network replay, so I am just now making it though all the way.  My quick thoughts:

  • Schaub looked great.  The numbers are pretty much meaningless, but his poise and command of the pocket were absolutely the polar opposite of his predecessor.  Spencer Tillman agrees.
  • Kevin Walter is not long for the #2 spot.  Both Andre Davis and Jacoby Jones looked promising to me.  Clearly, Jones' punt return was quite a highlight.  He and Davis both exhibit the size and speed that the Texans' definitely need on the other side of the field from All Pro.  And if Fragile #13 can stay healthy, can you even imagine a two-deep kickoff coverage team with Jones and Mathis back deep?  I am desperately hopeful that Jones and Mathis both pan out, in which case the Texans' offense may be completely unrecognizable compared to years past.
  • The secondary looked great against the run and terrible in coverage.  Maybe it was the scheme, but the Bears moved the ball in the air at will, despite decent pressure from the D-line.  If Jason Simmons and Von Hutchins continue their quality play, Glenn Earl and CC Brown may have their time limited to special teams. Of course, with Earl's injury, this decision may be looming sooner rather than later.
  • Our linebacking corps has a chance to be special.  Clearly DMR is a once in a decade type talent, but I think his supporting cast of Charlie Anderson, Shantee Orr, Morlon Greenwood & Co. will prove very productive.
  • I'm troubled by the offensive backfield.  Green and Dayne both looked slow and old.  Chris Taylor would be a welcome presence - a breakaway RB is something that the Texans really need to balance the offensive attack and keep defenses honest. What was Tony Hollings' 40 time again?
  • Bob McNair, Spencer Tillman and Joel Meyers were less than subtle about the differences between The New #8 and The Old #8.  Amazing that over the past five years there were hardly any rumblings from the Texans' brass regarding Carr's lack of dedication or leadership; now he's evolved into Private Pyle and Matt Schaub is General Patton.  I hope that proves to be true, but I am a bit frustrated that it took the Texans as long as it did to admit that the face of their franchise was a pantywaist.
Thanks to all our commenters for their input during and after the game.  Feel free to post your own analysis of the first meaningless game of the season below.

Update [2007-8-12 16:7:13 by Scott]: As usual, The General nails it: hopefully the Texans were refusing to divulge their creative redzone offensive plays, because last night's clouds of dust and miniscule gains looked all to familiar and completely unproductive.