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Paging Matt Stevens

According to Yahoo! Sports, Glenn Earl and Jason Horton are lost for the year - Earl with a crushing injury (lis-franc injury) and Horton with a broken forearm requiring surgery.  Earl has been a staple, if a slightly underaverage one, for several years in the Texans' secondary and a major contributor on special teams.  Horton is an undrafted 27 year-old free agent out of NC A&T who spent 04 and 05 in Green Bay.  Can I please have my meeting with Mr. Gooddell, once Adam Jones leaves, regarding the elimination of at least two preseason games?  Thank you.

A lis franc injury is a serious matter.  According to this site, it generally consists of ligament damage and/or a fracture between the forefoot and midfoot, with degenerative arthritis as a significantly complicating consequence in many cases.  To illustrate just how devastating this injury can be depending on its severity, I have two words for you: Duce Staley.