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[ESPN] Shaun Williams Works Out for Houston

According to Len P., Shaun Williams, a nine-year veteran free agent who started twelve games for Carolina last season, is coming in for a workout in light of Glenn Earl's season-ending injury.  I'm personally unfamiliar with Shaun, but any player who is not in a camp at this point (unrelated to a contract holdout) is likely nothing to get too excited about, right?  

According to Scouts, Inc. [subscription required], Williams is a big boy (6'2", 218 lbs.) who went on IR last December for Carolina.  Making him "Texans ready", he performs better against the run than against the pass.  He is described as being "reckless" and a "strong tackler".  Hopefully the Texans' front seven is more proficient at clogging the run this year so that a big hitting safety is not as necessary against the run.  Regardless, Williams does not appear to be our saving grace, but nothing wrong with bringing in another body for the sake of competition.  Feel free to educate me about Shaun in the Comments.