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Matt Mosley's Got It All Figured Out

Based upon attending a single training camp practice on Wednesday (and presumably watching the Bears-Texans game last Saturday), I am happy to report that's Matt Mosley appears to have your Houston Texans pegged.  The links describing his findings are here and here (Insider required), but here's the summary:

Mario Williams=motivated.
N.D. Kalu=wise.
DeMeco Ryans=leader.
Dunta Robinson=quirky/future pitchman for the Ramada in Newark.
The Schaub="major upgrade."
Eric Winston=best offensive lineman on the roster.
Offensive Line="pretty mediocre."
Kevin Walter="underwhelming."
Jerome Mathis=secret weapon at WR (zuh?).
Jacoby Jones=possibly fragile.
Andre Johnson=woefully underrated.
Keenan McCardell=Methuselah.
Owen Daniels=ready to explode.
Ahman Green=uninspiring addition.
Danny Clark=mirage.
Anthony Maddox=easy to root for.
Travis Johnson=bust.

Aside from the obvious criticism that the bulk of the articles could have been gleaned from damn near any preseason magazine, thoughts on Sr. Mosley's diagnoses?