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Preseason Game #2: Texans at Cardinals - Open Thread

Leinart v. Schaub.  Green v. James.  Branch v. Okoye.  Pittman v. Hodel.  It all goes down here at 3:00 Houston time.  

Injuries abound for Arizona: LB Chike Okeafor is out for the year a torn biceps tendon (which is precisely why I abstain from using my biceps); RT Oliver Ross tore his triceps tendon and C Nick Leckey is out with a sprained knee.  For the Texans, there will be no Jameel Cook, Anthony Weaver or Charles Spencer, but according to, there will be Jared Zabransky, who will QB the club in the fourth quarter, coincidentally in the same locale as his last college game took place (and the best college football finish I've ever seen).   What will I be watching? Primarily, how Dunta and Petey match up with Bolden and Fitzgerald. Secondarily, how Henry Clay Blue Devil and Kentucky Wildcat Shane Boyd plays at QB for the Cards.