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Andre Johnson Says It All Without Saying Anything

Today's Chronicle featured an interesting story in which the Texans' best player made it abundantly clear that some of the guys who occupied roster spots on the squad in years past weren't, ahem, putting forth maximum effort:

"I'd go back and hang with friends in the offseason, and they'd talk about how some guys played football just for the check," Johnson said. "It made me think hard about what was happening here. I'm not saying everybody was like that, but some guys ... it just didn't seem like (winning) mattered to them. It wasn't a good feeling at all for me because I'm only about winning."
When asked to elaborate on the identity of the half-assers, 'Dre refused to do so, explaining that all of the lollygaggers had been weeded out.  Or cut and signed by Carolina.

Make sure to post your thoughts, raves, and criticisms during this afternoon's game against the Cards here. I'll be stuck at a wedding, so I will be counting on the BRB community to provide me with real-time updates and observations via my BlackBerry, which I will be not-so-covertly checking fiendishly throughout the day.