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Texans Looking at Ferguson

The Chronicle reports that the Texans are interested in signing ex-Green Bay (and former Aggie) WR Robert Ferguson, who was cut by the Packers earlier this week.  

Ferguson is an interesting case.  Clearly, WR is a "need" position for the club, and Ferguson has a lot of talent and potential - always has - but he has never put it together in the NFL due to a proclivity for injury.  He only made it to Week 4 in 2006 due to a foot injury, blew out a knee in late 2005 and missed much of 2004 due to a frightening collision with Donovan Darius which led to head and neck injuries for Ferguson.  Personally, in my absolutely amateur medical opinion, Ferguson's case seems like one of freak injuries or injuries that come with the territory if you are a fearless, aggressive WR (playing for the studliest of all QBs, Brett Favre).  Really, that only fits one of these three injuries, but Ferguson's a guy that I would like to see the Texans take a chance on.  The more guys that the Texans bring in to compete, the more seriously guys like Jerome Mathis will take this competition, and the end result should be guys making the club who truly deserve it and who may prove to be a legitimate threat downfield for a team in desperate need of one.

Update [2007-8-18 8:41:57 by Scott]:Here's what our friends over at Acme Packing Company think about Ferguson's departure from Green Bay. The general consensus is disappointment that it didn't work out for a good guy like Ferguson who was willing to sacrifice his body for the team.