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Kubes Speaks to #2 WR Issue

"Kevin is our two. I think number 12 (Jones) is 2 1/2," Kubiak said. "He's been playing pretty dang good. We're going to get him on the field somehow, some way. When we play three wides, he's the first one going out there."  The preceding quote was brought to you by AOL Fanhouse.  Kubiak went on to say that Andre Davis is "well on his way" to making the team.

Assuming that Andre, Walter, Jacoby and Keenan McCardell appear to be locks to make the team, the burning question is whether Kubiak chooses to keep five or six receivers.  This will determine, barring injuries, whether one or both of Jerome Mathis and Andre Davis make the opening week roster.  

My guess is that ultimately six receivers will make the team.  Mathis has looked much improved, in my opinion, as a WR, and his absolutely sensational talents as a return man are enough to warrant a spot for him on their own accord.  Davis is another talented player with size and speed, and it makes sense to keep a low-risk, high-potential guy like him as insurance for the fragile Mathis.  If I had to cut one, it would be McCardell, who was a great player in his prime, but is absolutely more expendable than any of his five fellow receivers.  If you were selecting the roster, which receivers would make the team and which ones would be left out?  In the end, whether five or six receivers make the team, this decision surely is a more pleasant one than ones like, "Who will line up across from Andre: Jabar Gaffney or Corey Bradford?"