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Dallas Cowboys=Tuskegee Golden Tigers

Like I needed another reason to root for Jacoby Jones:

Receiver Jacoby Jones, who played at Division II Lane College, sizes up the rivalry between the Texans and Cowboys:

"I'm a rookie. I don't know anything about it. But they say it's a rivalry and the fans are going to be geeked so I guess I'm going to be geeked, too, then. Tuskegee was our biggest rival at Lane, so I guess I'll look at it like it's Tuskegee then."

Awesome.  Just awesome.  Also included in today's notes are the revelations that (a) my hopes and dreams could be answered as soon as after Saturday's game and (b) that Anthony Weaver still isn't ready to return to action.  Am I the only one who's getting a bit concerned about these "surprising" setbacks?  While Jason Babin has performed better than expected and N.D. Kalu has put in a yeoman effort, the Texans need Weaver at that other end spot.  This is starting to scare me.