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Back to Business - Texans Cut Eight

John McClain reports that the Texans cut their roster down to 76 players on Sunday and will need to make one additional cut by Tuesday.  McClain also writes that the last decision is possibly related to a decision on Charles Spencer, who may be placed on the physically unable to perform list, which would keep him out of game action for the first six weeks of the regular season.  No surprises here, though I'd like to see Adams kept on the practice squad, if possible.  As for Spencer, Kubiak told McClain that he is positive that Spencer will play again, though not positive that it will be in 2007.  As much as I want to see the Big Nasty back at LT Week One of 2007, if his long-term health prospects were greatly improved by sitting out '07, it would clearly be the right decision to make.

Today's cuts:

Quinton Porter (QB)
Bradlee Van Pelt (QB)
Charlie Adams (WR)
Harry Williams (WR)
Thomas Johnson (DT)
Thomas Smith (DT)
Ben Steele (TE)
Derrick Roberson (CB)

Much to Tim's chagrin, the highly-publicized (at least here at BRB) punt-off between Matt Turk and Chad Stanley drags on another day, as coaches are not able to make a call as of yet.  As much as Stanley killed me last season, he was pretty good for a few years before that, and I hereby go on the record in support of Stanley, if only because it may be the final straw required to send my co-blogger off to Cypress Creek, if only for a weekend.