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Kubiak Speaks

Lots of interesting tidbits in Kubes' latest Sunday presser.  Of particular note:

-The last round of cuts are coming on Friday.

-Charlie Adams was cut early in order to give him a shot to land a roster spot elsewhere.

-Keenan McCardell may now be an afterthought at WR on this team.

-The starters at center (McKinney v. Flanagan), SAM (C. Anderson v. Clark), and DT (Tr. Johnson v. Maddox) should be named within the next day or so.  Put me in the "McKinney, Clark, and Anyone But Travis Johnson" camp.

-Anthony Weaver's knee is improving, to the point that he may actually play in the season opener.  I know that Babin and Kalu have looked pretty solid, but Weaver's health is a BIG concern to me.

-Chad Stanley should return to punting and tormenting my dreams today.

-Despite Jacoby Jones' unbelievable preseason, Kevin Walter is still No. 2 at WR, but "No. 12 is going to be on the field a lot."

-Jacoby needs to cut down on the celebrations.  The kid could get injured, and then we'd have to sign Vai Sikahema.  I may have made that last part up.

-Kubes trusts The Schaub.  Not news per se, but I feel pretty confident saying that he didn't feel that way about last season's starter at QB.

-Ahman Green was actually sick on Saturday night.  If that's how he plays when he's got a stomach bug, the rest of the league should be afraid.