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More Slobbing Over Schaub

Nice piece in today's Washington Post by Les Carpenter about The Schaub.  Not much breaking news in there, though Schaub does go into detail about the lessons that he's learned backing up Mike Vick.  Carpenter could not have been more right when he wrote:

"But for Schaub it's probably the best thing that could have happened. In Atlanta the stain of Vick's guilty plea will linger for months. The team has a new coach and a new offense that Schaub would have had to learn. And while he might have mastered it in half a season, the first few months would have been a struggle and he forever would have been judged against the ghost of Vick. In Houston he replaces David Carr. There are no ghosts here."
Actually, there's one problem, Les. There are some ghosts here...serious ghosts.  But we're glad to have a man on the scene who appears to be ready to exterminate the eerie remnants of DC.