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Who's On The Way Out?

Now that the preseason is officially over (well, the games, anyway), it's time for Smithiak to trim the roster down to 53.  The hammer should be coming down on 22 Texans either today or tomorrow.  Some quick thoughts on last night's tussle:

  1.  Bethel Johnson sure did get a long look, didn't he?  From kick returns to time at WR, it seemed clear that Kubes was giving him a chance to state his case.  Was it enough?  I really don't know...I think it depends entirely on how many WRs the Texans carry.  At this point, I'd put him behind Apostrophe Davis but ahead of David Anderson and...
  2.  Keenan McCardell.  I can't believe I just typed that.  I honestly don't think he makes this team, and I NEVER would have thought that when he signed.
  3.  There's no way the Texans cut Jordan Black, is there?  Based on his play, however, it might make more sense than keeping him on the roster.
  4.  Darius Walker looked very good in his first action.  Unfortunately, I think the log jam at RB means he's destined for the practice squad.
  5.  Did Wali Lundy do enough to secure RB No. 3?  I think so, which means Samkon Gado finds himself in a perilous position.
  6.  Jared Zabransky looked awfully rough at the beginning of last night's game, but seemed to ease into it as he played on.  Not that last night's game really mattered in his case--he's been bound for the practice squad since he signed with the Texans.
  7.  Jamar Fletcher alternated between solid and maddening last night.  I'm not sure what to think about him.
  8.  Fred Bennett is growing on me.  As he matures, Petey Faggins should have a real challenge on his hands.
  9.  I know that it was almost entirely reserves out there last night, but something has to be done about the play of the linebackers and safeties.  The corners seemed to be waiting on help that never came, and the Bucs DESTROYED the Texans in the middle of the field.  Granted, I don't think that happens if DeMeco & Co. are playing, but it's still worrisome.
  10.  So help me, Matt Turk better not get cut.
So who's in, BRB?  Feel free to leave your final rosters (or cuts) in the Comments below.