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Twenty Down, Two To Go

Pardon the delay in posting this, what with it happening after 5 p.m. on a Friday and all.  But your Houston Texans cut twenty (20) of the twenty-two (22) players necessary to get down to 53 this afternoon.  I listened to Kubes on Sports Radio 610 this afternoon, and he insinuated that the remaining two (2) cuts may have been delayed because of trade talks.  Much more tomorrow, but here's the list of twenty (20) that are not Texans right now:

CHAD STANLEY (this will get its own post...don't worry)
Keenan McCardell (ouch)
Wali Lundy (did not see that one coming)
Drew Hodgdon
Mike Brisiel
Bethel Johnson (color me surprised, but I guess it was bound to happen when the team opted to keep four (4) TEs)
Jon Abbate (fingers crossed he is on the Practice Squad)
Jared Zabransky (ditto for The Sooner Killer)
John Walker
Brandon Frye (practice squad, I hope)
David Anderson
Alfred Malone
DelJuan Robinson
Victor DeGrate
Trent Bray
Brandon Mitchell
Darius Walker (hoping for practice squad, but wow...he should be starting at HB for Notre Dame right now)
Tyrone Poole
Dexter McCleon
Tim Bulman