The Early Reviews are in...

...Carr looks as catastrophic as ever. I stumbled across this Carolina fan's observations of Carr through a Texan fan's link at TexansTalk. In short, he was not impressed.

It's very obvious that Delhomme is our starter and the better QB by far from any of them out there. Anyone who thinks Carr should start needs to get to TC and just watch him. Overthrowing, underthrowing, fumble (Carr getting Shelton the ball late), dancing feet - ugh!! He needs to step up or settle down or something. He is most definitely a project, didn't look like he's been playing for 5 years. He has a "wind up" to his throw that reminds me of a pitcher's short wind up but he does throw it hard. Did see him, also, just "toss" it with his wrist and it was still thrown hard. I think Basinez did better than Carr or Bell. Heck, Bell was better than Carr. Anytime Smitty was out there, every one of the 4 QB's only looked at him and only threw to him. I certainly hope that changes by the end of TC. If he wasn't out there, they all read through their progressions.

Carr fumbles in practice, even when no one is allowed to touch him? I'm shocked. And yes, he still throws like a girl.

Please god let Carr get into the game week two. It doesn't have to be all game, and Delhomme doesn't have to suffer a serious injury -- just let him sprain his thumb at halftime or something. I just want to be cheering rather than breaking televisions when he fumbles twice in a half.