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DeMeco Ryans Is Even Cooler Than We Imagined

As regular readers of BRB know, we highly recommend everything about the outstanding Texans blog over at Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco.  Matt is a terrific writer, and he drinks roughly as much Smithiak-flavored Kool Aid as we do.  

So it was with great interest that we read his account of DeMeco Ryans' attorney inquiring into the use of his client's name in the title of Matt's seemingly harmless blog.  After some back and forth, a compromise that satisfied everyone involved (and then some) was reached.  Best of all, a totally deserving charity got (a) money and (b) publicity out of the exchange.

We're awfully cynical around these parts, but it's things like this and the Jason Simmons/Ahman Green housing donation that make it ridiculously easy to be a fan of the Texans, even in the face of the nationwide scorn that such fandom brings.  And it'll make it all the more sweeter when the team finally begins winning games with a semblance of regularity (cough...this year...cough), because we'll know that the team is represented by guys that truly get it like DeMeco Ryans, Ahman Green, and Jason Simmons.

Thanks to Matt, the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, and the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year's lawyer.  A tip of my Texans skull cap to all involved. And feel free to follow DeMeco's example by donating a dollar or two to StandUp For Kids too.