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Turkish Invasion

Life does not get much sexier or dangerous than amidst the throngs of a preseason battle for the punting job.  Just ask Rafael Mendoza.  This is why the public cannot keep its eyes off of the 2007 version of Burr-Hamilton, Frazier-Ali, Amy v. Jag - Turk v. Stanley.

As Dale Robertson accurately reports, Turk has a long history of effective punting under his belt, capped by a solid season in 2006 for St. Louis.  Like this guy, Turk tried to capitalize on his fame and success by demanding a pay increase from his employer.  Shockingly, St. Louis spurned the overtures of their punter and told him to get lost, apparently brazen enough to determine that they could find a less narcisstic punter somewhere else.  (They did).  This left Turk unemployed, and like any smart, unemployed punter, he hopped the first flight to IAH.

Chad Stanley, who had been quite effective his first four seasons in Houston, struggled last year with his consistency.  In Texans Land, a struggling punter is similar to a broken bean grinder at Starbucks.  The punter is a centerpiece of the Texans' strategy of three-and-out-and-play-for-field-position, and Stanley's ineptitude caught the ire of many Texans' fans as a result.  I could go on and on, but just read Robertson's piece; the words "strapping", "brute-strength", "bomb", "intense" and "vinyl" are included within its contents.  If that's not enough to get you interested, then you've got no chance to become a true Loser/Moron (read: Texans' fan).  This is what it's all about!