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Remaining Starters Named

Kubes announced the starters at the three (3) remaining spots in contention after practice today (Texans TV).  Steve McKinney gets the nod at center over Mike Flanagan; Danny Clark gets the gig at SAM instead of Charlie Anderson; and Travis Johnson beat out Anthony Maddox for the job at DT.

Of those three (3), the only one that surprises me is Tr. Johnson; I thought he had fallen far enough out of favor that Anthony Maddox, who went into camp as the starter, would hold him off.  I do, however, realize that the hardest-working player in the NFL had a good camp; perhaps I shouldn't be that surprised then that the team elected to start its 2005 first-round pick.  Nevertheless, I'm still rather skeptical that this "new and improved" Travis Johnson will show that the previous regime got it right.  I hope I'm wrong.