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The Last Two Roster Decisions (For Now)

Fresh off today's acquisition of Michael Boulware, the Texans made two (2) more moves to get their roster down to 53.  Brandon Harrison was placed on injured reserve, and Cedric Killings was given his walking papers.

Now that McClain has talked to a few more league sources, I'm not quite as high on the Boulware deal as I initially was:

"Boulware, 25, is 6-3, 220. He plays best around the line of scrimmage. He played outside linebacker at Florida State and made the move to safety in the NFL. He was better his first two seasons than last season when he was removed from the starting lineup for the last eight games. He returned to the lineup for two playoff games and played well, according to NFL scouts.

The scouts say Boulware is a terrific athlete with outstanding size and speed. They say he's intelligent and often over-thinks plays. He also gets caught out of position. He's better against the run than pass, but most strong safeties are."

In other words, it seems the Texans have acquired another safety whose strength is stopping the run.  Not exactly what this coverage-challenged team needed at the safety spot, but I'll reserve judgment until I see Boulware, you know, actually play.