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Kubes Speaks: The Monday Presser

After watching the game tape, Coach Kubiak addressed the media today.  Some of the highlights:

-Jason Simmons had successful surgery today, but is still out for the year.

-Not as good on special teams as they showed in the preseason, but Matt Turk was the special teams MVP on Sunday.

-As expected, Von Hutchins will be starting at FS on Sunday.

-Michael Boulware will move up the depth chart; he's putting in extra time to learn the defense and looked good on special teams.

-Anthony Weaver played exactly as many plays as the staff hoped.

-The defense raised their intensity and "pinned their ears back" after the first drive of the game.

-The OL had a couple of "communications problems" and can certainly play better.

-The dust-up between Kubes and Chester Pitts was no big deal.

-The Schaub is a leader of men.  He may also have solved world hunger.

-Super Mario "was even better than you thought" on film.  He was a factor "every play."

-Charley Casserly has requested that he be named an honorary ball boy for Sunday's tilt.  No confirmation to the rumors that he'll be sporting a homemade shirt that reads "Carr Rules!" and "Schaub Drools!" in glitter.