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A Slightly Sobering Note

Fresh off yesterday's epic victory over the Panthers, Andre Johnson will have an MRI on his left knee today.  He appeared to injure it on a catch across the middle in the late third (early fourth?) quarter and was seen limping on the sidelines afterward.  'Dre wasn't too concerned about missing time yesterday, but knee injuries are a funny thing.  How many times have we read about an MRI showing far more damage than originally thought?  

Not to be the wet blanket, but Texans fans should be holding our collective breath that the MRI shows no structural damage.  Now if you'll excuse me...I'm off to light 80 votive candles.

Update [2007-9-17 16:56:38 by Tim]:: The Chronicle is reporting that the MRI showed only a sprain, which is tremendous news. Unfortunately, it has rendered 'Dre doubtful for Sunday's game against the Colts. Even more worrisome is this nugget from Kubes:

"He has a knee sprain," Kubiak said. "That's the good news and the bad news. We feel fortunate. Andre is going to be fine. Is he going to be fine in one week? Or is he going to be fine in four weeks? We're still in the evaluation stage. We don't know."