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Texans Release The Sooner Killer

In what I can only describe as a puzzling development, the Texans waived Fiesta Bowl Hero and Enemy of the Territory Jared Zabransky on Tuesday and signed WR Devon Aromashodu to the practice squad.  Granted, Zabransky wasn't on the 53 man roster, but I'm still a bit surprised that the Texans would cut their third QB.  I want to believe this is because Smithiak has determined that The Schaub is immortal and incapable of injury.  If not, I'm confused as to why the team would release a guy about whom Kubes had expressed fairly high enthusiasm and who seemed to be one bad cut or hit away from being the primary backup at the most important position on the field.  Zabransky didn't have a great preseason, but I thought he showed enough to warrant a spot on the practice squad.

Definitely scratching my head over this one, particularly because the team didn't bring in another QB to fill Zabransky's spot.  Smells like there might be more to the story here...