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McKinney Tears ACL, Out for Season

The Chronicle's report is here.  McKinney had been playing extremely well thus far, so this certainly hurts, but having Mike Flanagan behind him on the depth chart should help ease that pain, at least a little bit.  You certainly have to feel for Steve, who is quoted in the article as saying, "This is the worst possible thing that could happen.  Right when we've turned this thing around and we're starting to win, this happens. I can't tell you how bad this makes me feel."  For guys like McKinney (and Chester Pitts) who have been part of the most-maligned portion of a laughingstock franchise for years, but one that is now turning the corner to respectability and possibly even a playoff run, you know that they must be enjoying this early run of success even more than the newer Texans.  It's too bad Steve will not be able to help out on the field from here on out.  And if you are not sure how tough McKinney is, read the article.  He played on at least a partially torn ACL trying to help the Texans rally late in the fourth quarter.