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Walking Wounded

In the wake of Sunday's unprecedented number of injuries, the early report for this week's game is as follows:

A. Johnson--out.
S. McKinney--out.
J. Jones--out.
A. Green--unknown (Kubes is allegedly "hopeful" that Green will play, but Ahman doesn't sound as optimistic).
R. Dayne--in.
A. Davis--in.

So we're likely looking at a starting WR duo of Apostrophe Davis and Kevin Walter, with Dayne getting the nod at RB.  The Schaub's job is now markedly tougher, but I still think he'll get it done (particularly if DeAngelo Hall is suspended for Sunday's tilt).  The Texans won games with Dayne at RB last year; they should be able to do it again, particularly with the way the defense is playing, on Sunday.