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"Who Needs Fingers When You're A Receiver?"

Definitely my favorite quote of Wednesday's post-practice media session, courtesy of Apostrophe Davis.  Other impressions, which as always could be totally misplaced:

-Ahman Green ain't going to play on Sunday.  Kubes refuses to say it, but reading between the lines gives me that distinct impression.

-Jerome Mathis (!) could be starting opposite Kevin Walter at WR?  Huh?  I'll be shocked if Apostrophe doesn't get that honor.

-Ron Dayne is a man of few words.

-As well as The Schaub knows the Falcons' personnel, he realizes that they know his tendencies just as well.  I'm guessing he throws them for a loop by getting extensions, donning white gloves, and stitching "Carr" over the back of his jersey.  When he fails to throw an INT or run backwards on the first play from scrimmage, they won't know what to do.  Advantage:  Texans.

-The Schaub refuses to admit that going back to Atlanta is special to him.  His return is only special "in the fact that we get an opportunity as a team to bounce back from a tough loss last week and go out on the road in a tough environment and go after our third win."  Man...I'm sure glad that liar is on our squad.  

-After he throws his first TD, do you think The Schaub is going to look up toward the owner's box and wave?  I would.  But I'm classy like that.

-If I was The Schaub, I'd answer all questions this week while petting a Golden Retriever.

-Dexter Wynn is going to do the Lindy Hop when he returns a punt for a TD on Sunday.