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Three And Out--Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

It's Thursday afternoon, so that means it's time for me to opine on three (3) things that will certainly (read:  probably not) occur on Sunday when the hometown team tees it up against PETA's Most Beloved Franchise.  And away we go!

  1.  The Schaub will leave Atlanta fans ripping out their hair and beating their collective breast.  He could have (should have?) been under center for them in this, their hour of most dire need.  Instead, he has been sent to destroy them.  The Schaub's numbers, even with a terribly depleted WR corps and a second-string center?  I'm going to say 19-26 for 229 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT.
  2.  Ron Dayne will remind us all how much we miss Ahman Green.  Don't expect a 100 yard game from him this week, though it won't be for lack of carries.  If he runs for anywhere in the neighborhood of 80 yards, we should be thrilled.  I'm going to guess he finishes with 71 yards on 17 carries and adds 1 rushing TD to the cause.
  3.  Dunta Robinson notches his third pick of the season on a poorly-conceived decision by Joey Harrington.  Somewhere, Arthur Blank sheds a single tear.  At that same moment, Michael Vick does his best impression of Towelie while watching cartoons.
PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  I think this is going to be closer than a lot of Texans fans are thinking.  The number and severity of the injuries suffered by the team is unprecedented, and Atlanta is going to come out with guns a blazin', probably aimed directly at Petey Faggins.  That said, I don't think The Schaub and Amobi Okoye (who, don't forget, was shunned by his college coach just a few months ago) are going to let the Texans walk out of the Georgia Dome with anything but a victory.  Houston 27, Atlanta 21.