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Texans Select Practice Squad

Courtesy of the team website, the Texans signed nine (9) players to their practice squad.  They are:

Eduardo Castaneda (LB)
Jared Zabransky (QB)
Darius Walker (RB)
Harry Williams (WR...from Tuskgegee!)
Brandon Frye (OT)
Mike Brisiel (OG)
Deljuan Robinson (DL)
Tim Bulman (DT)
Brandon Mitchell (S)

Of those, I'm most excited about Zabransky, Walker, Frye, and Mitchell; I think each of those guys has a chance to be part of their position's rotation sometime in the future.  Until then, however, they get the opportunity to practice in the system for a season, thus increasing their odds of making the roster next season.  It ain't the big club, but you have to start somewhere.  Good luck to all of them.