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Injury Report--Houston v. Atlanta

Here's the latest on the injury status of those involved in today's tilt against the Falcons:

A. Johnson--out (knee)
J. Jones--out (shoulder)
J. Mathis--doubtful (shin)
A. Green--questionable (knee)
Kalu--probable (hand, but see here; methinks N.D.'s "probable" status could simply be a ruse)

J. Babineaux--out (athlete's foot)
D. Blakeley--out (gingivitis)
R. Coleman--out (scurvy)
C. Crocker--probable (elephantiasis)
D. Hall--probable (paper cut)
L. Sanders--probable (soul-crushing regret)
T. Weiner--probable (name change)
R. Mexico--out (burning sensation/rabies)