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No, Dunta, It's "Lockdown Corner", Not "Locked Down" Corner

Battle Red Blog is proudly a community of Texans' fans with a unique (read: disturbed) perspective on life.  Need an example?  Our reaction to this story being reported by the Chronicle.

Texans' CB Dunta Robinson may have been the direct victim in an invasion/robbery at his home in Sienna Plantation.  Sounds scary, right?  Probably was.  But since the article thankfully contains no indication that either Dunta or his family and friends were injured, we feel that it is our duty at BRB to delve deeper into this story on a pair of important fronts.

One: When in God's name will David Carr stop haunting the Texans and their fans?  For years, Fresno's Fanciest taunted the citizens of Houston and Fort Bend County by serving as the face of the "gated" Sienna Plantation on billboards and advertisements plastered throughout the city, which was somewhat intriguing considering that his family's estate was in Sweetwater, not Sienna Plantation.  Apparently the deparature of Hair from our fair city has led to the demise of this once pristine, tight-knit community, just the latest in a long line of ways that Fancy Pants scarred our great city for years to come.  

Two:  A situation such as this involving a member of the Texans' much-maligned secondary reeks of ironic comedy.  Such as, "The robbers were cornered by Robinson in his home until one of them gave Robinson a quick double-move to the inside and blazed past him on a post pattern out the front door, never to be seen again", "BRB has yet to obtain confirmation to the rumor that Seth Wand was working as a security officer at the front gate of Sienna Plantation at the time of the incident and was left standing flat in his tracks by the robbers, who ran a stunt move that left Seth helplessly praying that Domanick Williams could save the residents of Sienna by chipping at the invaders' kneecaps" or "C.C. Brown was a dinner guest at Robinson's house at the time and was supposed to be serving as backup by the front door while Robinson kept the suspects cornered in the basement, but when one of the obese, limping robbers slipped past Robinson using a headfake move, Brown was snacking on a Moon Pie on Robinson's leather couch, allowing the perpetrator to get behind Brown and out the front door to freedom".

We think our readers may have an idea or two on this story.  Spin it your way in the comments section below.