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One More Roster Move

Scott Jackson must have gone from elation to frustration in an instant on Monday, as he was cut to make room for recently-waived Rashad Butler.  A long shot to make the squad at the outset of camp, Jackson initially made the 53 man roster, only to see his spot get yanked away once Carolina trimmed its roster.  Best of luck to Scott Jackson, and welcome to Rashad Butler.

It shouldn't go without mention (and it didn't, in the Chronicle blurb linked above) that the Texans expect Anthony Weaver to start on Sunday.  Now that Jason Babin is gone, the importance of Weaver contributing to this team is heightened exponentially.  While he likely isn't in game shape, it's a good sign that the team plans on having Weaver run out of the tunnel as a starter.  He's one of the four (4) best defensive linemen on the roster, so his return from injury should be one more thing to keep an eye on Sunday.