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Three Predictions: The Inaugural Edition

As BV so eloquently stated in this diary, the wait for Sunday's season opener is threatening to put me into a coma.  I've been scouring the internet looking for anything that resembles news on our beloved team, and I've got nuthin'.  Undettered, I decided that I'd begin writing a weekly post on three (3) things I believe will happen in the upcoming Texans game.  Stupid?  You bet.  Filler?  Probably.  Completely wrong?  Almost surely.  But here we go:

  1.  The Schaub's first stat line of the 2007 season will read in the neighborhood of 20-29, 257 yards, 2 TD, O INT.
  2.  Ahman Green's numbers, you ask?  I'll go with 23 carries for 82 yards, albeit with O TD.
  3.  Super Mario will notch a sack on Sunday.
BONUS PREDICTION:  The inaugural Battle Screwdriver Day of the 2007 season will be a roaring success.