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Five Questions With: Arrowhead Pride

Well, it's go time, people.  The regular season is upon us.  And with that, we present our first "Five Questions" with a regular season opponent--in this case, our boy Chris over at Arrowhead Pride.  From the keyboard of a Chiefs fan:

1.  What should Texans fans expect out of Larry Johnson in Week One?  He seems to have made it clear that he's still rounding into shape, so we are hoping that he doesn't get his typical 68 carries against Houston.  So what's it going to be--how many carries for your franchise RB?

AP:  Herm Edwards has said that No. 2 RB Michael Bennett will carry at least part of the load, but I imagine that Larry Johnson still gets within a few carries of his 26 carry per game average of last year. My guess would be right around 20.

2.  Having had to live through the last five (5) years that comprised The David Carr Era, we know a thing or two about QBs who don't quite live up to their potential.  What's the current thinking on Brodie Croyle?  To us, it seemed like the Chiefs really, really wanted him to be their starter this year, but Croyle played poorly enough that the coaching staff just couldn't do it.  Do you expect him to be starting before the season is over?

AP:  Croyle played himself out of a starting job this preseason, and the Chiefs' coaches didn't have much choice other than to turn the ball over to veteran backup QB Damon Huard. With that said, Huard is not a long-term solution for the Kansas City Chiefs, and I expect Brodie Croyle to be the starting QB at some point in the regular season.  The current thinking on Croyle is split down the middle. A lot of fans say give him a chance, while a lot still say he'll never amount to anything. There is far from a consensus on the kid right now, especially after his poor showing in the preseason.

3.  Willie Roaf is gone.  Will Shields is gone.  Hell, even Jordan "Turnstile" Black is gone (we're waiting on a thank-you note, by the way).  Worried about the offensive line?

AP:  The offensive line is my biggest worry to begin the season. Those two veterans you mentioned are future Hall of Famers and anytime even just one of those is lost, you're looking at years to get back up to speed. With the exception of Pro Bowl G Brian Waters and our biggest free agent acquisition (LT Damion McIntosh), our line is filled with average to below-average players. Hopefully this is something we will be able to address in the draft next year.

And no thank you note needed for Jordan Black. Give it a few games and we'll be sending you one.

4.  First prediction...Sunday's game...what do you see as the final score?  Why?

AP:  Since neither offense is firing on all cylinders, I think you have to shoot for a low scoring game. I'm going 24-13, with the Chiefs scoring a defensive touchdown to seal the game.

5.  Fill in the blank:  The Chiefs' record come January 3, 2008 will be 6-10.

Thanks again to Chris for playing, and make sure to check out Arrowhead Pride throughout the season to watch them mock the Texans for signing Jordan Black. Our answers to Chris' questions can be found here.