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What To Do At WR?

Here comes Part II of BRB's pre-draft examination of the current roster.  Next up:  Wide Receiver.  The wideouts presently on the roster are as follows:

  1.  Andre "Best WR In The NFL" Johnson
  2.  Kevin Walter (that apartment offer still stands, by the way)
  3.  Jacoby Jones
  4.  Apostrophe Davis
  5.  David Anderson
  6.  LeRon McCoy
  7.  Derrick Hamilton
  8.  Harry Williams
  9.  Jerome Mathis
As far as I can tell, only 'Dre, Walter, and Jacoby are on the books for 2008.  The only unrestricted free agent in the group I definitively see being brought back is Apostrophe, though any of the other UFAs could conceivably return as well on the cheap.  Mr. Glass' past Pro Bowl nod and absurd speed may give Smithiak pause about cutting ties with his talent, but the fact remains that he's done nothing, save filling up a police blotter and the IR, since his debut season in 2005 that would warrant further consideration.  In light of Apostrophe's excellent work in his stead, I don't see any way that Jerome Mathis is on the 2008 roster.

So...assuming Apostrophe Davis is re-signed, your Houston Texans would boast a quartet of Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones, and Apostrophe in their wide receiving corps.  That's salty.  As such, it's hard to see the Texans drafting a WR until late, if at all.  In the realm of free agency, you'd have to think the team will choose to allocate its dollars at any number of other positions that don't approach the strength of this unit.

Thus, I beseech BRB for its thoughts.  Anyone you're itching to draft?  A wideout that you think should be signed as a free agent?  Happy with the status quo?