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What To Do At QB?

Part III of the slightly interesting "What To Do..." series has us examining us the QB position of your Houston Texans.  Let me open with this:  After being subjected to five (5) years of this, I'm writing this entry with a sizable grin on my cherubic visage.  The QBs currently on the roster of your Houston Texans are:

  1.  Matt "The" Schaub
  2.  Sage Rosenfels
  3.  Shane Boyd
Barring The Schaub doing his best Ben Roethlisberger impression in the next few months, I don't see the infusion of any new blood at the QB position anytime soon.  The Texans acquired Matt Schaub to be their franchise QB, and there hasn't been any inclination that there's been any change in that outlook (nor should there be).  Despite Sage's relative success filling in for the injured Schaub this season, any talk about a QB controversy remains premature.  If Schaub's 2008 season sees him knocked out of more games than he finishes, then we can debate whether his alleged fragility should be more carefully scrutinized.  Barring such a showing, it's Matt Schaub's world for the foreseeable future.  As it should be.

What about all the noise about trading Sage for a draft pick?  A pipe dream, I say.  If you can think of a team that would part with a third rounder or better for Sage, let me know.  Otherwise, it ain't worth it; as the Texans saw down the stretch this past season, a competent second-stringer at QB is at the very least a worthwhile luxury, if not a downright necessity.  Unless a needy team breathlessly offers a second-rounder, Sage goes nowhere.  And I'd be shocked if there was a GM so in love with Sage that he'd be willing to make an offer Smithiak can't refuse.

Seeing as how the Texans historically only carry two (2) QBs on the active roster, the third spot is generally relegated to the practice squad.  Indeed, Shane Boyd was activated because of Schaub's injury; he (probably) doesn't figure into any sort of long-term plan.  Given that dynamic, there's a better chance of Kent Graham coming back for a second tour of duty in Houston than the team looking to add anyone at QB this offseason.