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NYG-NE: Super Bowl Fever

I've refrained from posting my postseason thoughts here on BRB, primarily because I try to keep focused on your Houston Texans and, you know, we haven't really been to the playoffs yet.  No more.  A few thoughts on the 2007 playoffs as we await the New York Giants-New England Patriots rematch for the whole enchilada:

  1.  I really thought the Colts were the best team in the NFL this year.
  2.  I was terribly, terribly wrong.
  3.  I truly dislike Phillip Rivers.  To the point that it was really hard to root for the Chargers today, despite the fact that I want to see the Pats lose.
  4.  Man...a Green Bay Super Bowl appearance would've been awfully sweet.  But the Giants completely outplayed Favre & Co. tonight and deserve to head to Arizona.
  5.  More on this later, but I've been a staunch Eli critic since he pulled that draft day stunt to force a trade out of San Diego.  Righteous indignation aside, can I really bet against him when the Giants are getting nearly two (2) TDs?
Feel free to share your Super Bowl and/or postseason thoughts in the Comments below.