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Texans Make the Super Bowl...

Paper or plastic?  Chester Pitts?

...Commercials!  The Texans are finally beginning to round into a reputable football team in terms of their on-field performance, but those of us who have followed McNair's bunch since the inception of the franchise know that nearly without exception, they have collectively exhibited high class on and off the field, even if the scoreboards around the league do not track "Class Points" with the same consistency as they track touchdowns.  For those of us whose anti-East Coast bias has crystallized over the past year of Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots fever into a form harder than an overdosed Mike Ditka , Super Bowl XVII is not the most enticing matchup; but now I have a reason to watch.  And now understanding that Chester Pitts was not just "bagging groceries" but was a "courtesy clerk extraordinairre", I may have a new favorite Texans' player.  Congrats to both Salaam and Pitts for this honor of sorts, and thanks to both of them for representing our favorite NFL team in a way that makes us all proud to sport our Battle Red.