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Jared Zabransky Just, Like, Wants To, You Know, Live In A What Do You Call It...Commune, Man

Tip o' my cap to Matt over at DGDG&D for alerting me that former Texan (and object of much Dirt Burglar angst, which gives me indescribable glee) Jared Zabransky is about to sign with Pittsburgh to fight for the No. 3 QB spot.  That's not really noteworthy, but the story contained this little gem:

Zabransky signed a free agent contract with the Houston Texans last year, but was cut before the regular season.  He's excited to leave the Texans in his rearview mirror, because, according to him, it's an organization too wrapped up in money and politics.

Zuh?  Come again?  The Houston Texans are "too wrapped up in money and politics?"  That's a mighty bold, if not outright crazy, statement.  Aside from the fact that I really wish the reporter had pressed him for the basis for that opinion, what the hell is Zabransky talking about?  Is Zabransky trying to say that he wasn't given a fair shot?  That the Texans went with Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels over him because of "money and politics?"  Tell me if I'm out of line here, but I was under the distinct impression that the team went with Schaub and Rosenfels because they were superior quarterbacks.

Sounds like a severe case of sour grapes to me.  But what do I know?  I'm just a blogger, man.  Bob McNair and the corporations have filled my head with all kinds of gibberish and double-talk.  I should just relax and open my mind.  Crank up the Phish and pass the ganja, Z.