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Kyle Shanahan, Boy King...Alex Gibbs, Guru of Zone Blocking

I had every intention of commenting on the stories in this morning's Chronicle in which it was revealed that Kubes wanted legendary offensive line coach Alex Gibbs to come to H-Town to revitalize the running game, but I've been swamped at work.  Turns out, the the old cliche held true:  Always put off what you can in the morning, because it'll become irrelevant by the afternoon.

Speculate no more, Houston fans.  Alex Gibbs has accepted Kubes' offer to become assistant head coach, and Boy Wonder Kyle Shanahan has been promoted to offensive coordinator (which puts those Karl Dorrell rumors to rest).  Sound off on the hires in the Comments below.  Much more on this later, but I'll say this:  Methinks we're about to see a markedly different blocking scheme next season.