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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Should Trade Player They've Never Had On Roster

I understand it's fashionable to pile on the Texans right now, particularly after last week's "Flight of the Rosenfels." But it's just getting ridiculous.

This article by Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports purports to identify a handful of players who should be traded before Tuesday's deadline. After paying your Houston Texans a compliment by noting that league observers "believe they will rebound and play well" despite the rough start, the article quotes an unnamed executive thanking his God that he's not desperate enough to pursue Ahman Green. That's fine; I can't imagine anyone really lining up to dole out $200,000.00 each Sunday that Ahman suits up, to say nothing of the fact that Green would probably figure out a way to hurt himself packing his bags anyway. My bone to pick is here:

10. DE Antwan Odom, Texans

Comment: "They just signed him as a free agent (in the offseason), so I don’t think he’ll be available. But I think they realize he’s overrated. He’s purely a complementary player."

Best potential fits: Pats, Jags and Colts.

Zuh? When did the Texans sign Antwan Odom? Why was I not informed of this? And how come every source I've consulted indicates that he's a Bengal? That he's never even been a Texan? That he can't even spell "Texans?" That he cannot locate Texas on a map?

Great job, Jason Cole and Yahoo Sports. Your thoroughness, fact-checking, and Texan-crapping know no bounds.