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Injury Report--Miami v. Houston

Unfortunately for Texan fans, who are undoubtedly looking for something to convince ourselves of a decided advantage in today's contest versus the Dolphins, it looks Miami isn't just healthy. I'd go as far as to say they're robust, extraordinarily healthy, and/or abnormally healthy. The injury list for today's tilt:

D. Barber--out (hamstring)
M. Bruener--out (hamstring)
C. Taylor--out (quadricep)
X. Adibi--probable (illness)
K. Bentley--probable (ankle)
W. Demps--probable (hamstring)
N. Ferguson--probable (illness)
D. Ryans--probable (ankle)
M. Turk--probable (illness)

R. Torbor--questionable(arachibutyrophobia)