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More Reasons To Have Confidence

This cool little thing here to the left is a Wordle.  It takes writing and changes it into a graphical representation.  The more times a word is mentioned, the bigger the word appears inside the Wordle.  This Wordle is a combination of Mike Brisiel and Tim Bulman's interviews.  Take a moment to glance over it.  Click on it to make it bigger.


I asked them specific questions to show everyone what kind of heart the Texans players have.  Words like these don't come from the heart of a losing team.  The Texans are on the way up.

So how about some other reasons to be confident in the Texans...


Knock on wood here, but the Texans are for the most part healthy.  Last season the team was a walking corpse and put up an 8-8 record.  This year the Texans play-makers are healthy, and some solid role players also haven't been bitten by the injury bug.

Total Offense Per Game

As of the time of this posting, the Texans rank 5th overall.  That puts the Texans offense in the same league as Saints, Broncos and Cowboys.  In case you haven't noticed, the Texans are just as explosive.  Yes they have a VERY BIG problem with turnovers, but I believe that as they settle down and get a few wins under their belt the turnovers will get better.

Total Rushing Per Game

As of the time of this posting, the Texans rank 16th overall.  That's dead in the middle of the league.  Anyone who's been watching has seen that the running game is getting better.  It's sputtered at times, but it's definitely picking up steam.  Watch this statistic trend upward into the top 10 this season.  A top 10 offense with top 10 passing and top 10 rushing is what the Texans are going to be before the season is over.

Defense: This one is pure superstition

I really have no basis for this one, just a hope: That the Texans defense is able to move above 16th in the league.  If they can just improve to an average defense statistically, that should keep the team in games long enough for the offense to win it.  If they can keep the opponent to around 20 points a game instead of 30, the Texans offense can take care of the rest.