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Dunta Returns! Chris Taylor Leaves!

John McClain is reporting that your Houston Texans have activated Dunta Robinson for Sunday's game against Detroit. Honestly, I'm still in shock. Remember how absolutely gruesome Dunta's injury was? The surgery it necessitated? That surgery only happened about eleven (11) months ago! Yet it looks like Kubes has every intention of playing him for about twenty (20) snaps as the third corner on Sunday:

"Dunta's had great practices, and unless he wakes up with a sore knee, he'll play against the Lions," coach Gary Kubiak said. "He's brought a lot of energy to practice this week."

Simply amazing. I'm still tempering my expectations, but I hope that the roof blows off Reliant fans show Dunta the love he deserves the first time he takes the field. He's unbelievable.

Sadly, to make room for Dunta, the Texans had to clear a roster spot; that was done by sending Chris Taylor to the IR. Extraordinarily tough break for Taylor, who is only a little more than a year removed from reconstructive knee surgery himself. Given the revelation that Steve Slaton's been, however, and coupled with Ahman Green's ability to stay off crutches the past two weeks, it was a move that had to be made. Best of luck to Chris Taylor, who we may not see in a Texans uniform again.