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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

I still can't get over Dunta Robinson returning to the field tomorrow afternoon. How someone can come back this quickly from that horrific of an injury...well, it boggles the mind. And scares me a little. Most of all, it makes me feel like even less of a man about how long it took me to recover from a measly torn ACL a few years back. Dunta has emasculated me. Which is fine, as long as he does the same to the Lions and, as soon as possible, Jacques Reeves. Without further ado, three (3) things sure to happen at Reliant in an extra special late afternoon start tomorrow:

1. The Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Owen Daniels will continue to make beautiful music together. On average, the Lions are giving up the third-most passing yards per game in the league right now. While we can certainly expect the Texans to attempt to control the clock via running Steve Slaton between the tackles, big plays will be made in the passing game. Mark The Schaub down for 290 yards passing, with 3 TD and one pick; 'Dre for 114 yards and 2 TD; and OD for 81 yards and his first TD of the season.

2. Jacoby Jones returns another punt for a touchdown. I have absolutely nothing to back this up except for a gut feeling.

3. Within his first nine (9) snaps of play, Dunta picks one off. Then I get a little emotional. Then I drink more to hide the fact that I got emotional.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: It's hard to imagine a team having a more jarring week, much less in the middle of the season, than the Lions are having right now. You could make the argument--and I would--that Detroit lost two (2) of their three (3) best players in the past four (4) days. That has to be absurdly tough to stomach, and it does them no favors to have to play this week away from home. I actually feel sorry for them, which is the fan equivalent of a guy with no arms pitying a dude with no legs. Detroit 20, Houston 31.