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Injury Report--Detroit v. Houston

I'm a huge fan of this 3 p.m. CDT start dynamic. Ample time to enjoy my morning (read: shake off the hangover) while watching the action around the rest of the league before your Houston Texans tee it up. I could get used to this. Today's injury news:

D. Barber--out (hamstring)
C. Taylor--out (quadricep)
D. Brown--probable (ankle)
M. Bruener--probable (hamstring)
A. Green--probable (foot)

L. Bodden--questionable (slapped cheek disease)
C. Darby--questionable (vulvodynia)
T. Fisher--questionable (rhabdophobia)
S. Peterman--questionable (hodophobia, included but not limited to Burma)
C. Smith--questionable (bad manicure)
K. Smith--probable (hyperdontia)