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How Big Is Sunday's Game?

The fanbase of your Houston Texans generally thought this was going to be the year. The year of what, you might ask? Some people (this humble/moronic blogger included) thought this would be the year the Texans finished with a winning record. Others thought this'd be the year the Texans finally snagged a wild card spot. No one, and I mean NO ONE (that I remember, anyway) thought there was a chance that this season could rival the horror of 2005. Of course, no one counted on a hurricane shuffling the team's 2008 schedule, either.

Now, I'm not saying we're headed for a two (2) win season. This team, flawed as it may be, has far too much talent for that. I will, however, say this: Sunday's tilt hosting the Colts is quite simply the biggest game the Texans will play all season. Win, and the Texans are 1-3, with another three (3) home games in a row against teams that are probably not playoff contenders. The Texans have never won three (3) games in a row, so it's a gigantic leap of faith to call for them to take the next four (4) consecutive games. But taking three out of those four? I do not believe that's altogether crazy. Blurred by battle red glasses, perhaps, but not outside the realm of possibility.

Lose on Sunday though, and that's 25% of the season gone with nary a single win. I'm no mathematician, but that would mean a winless Texans team would have to go 9-3 the rest of the season to post a winning record. Fandom and optimism aside, that's a very remote possibility. The most realistic, best-case scenario after starting 0-4, I'd think, would be .500 the rest of the way. And that would mean a final record of 6-10, which would be tough, if not damn near impossible, to call anything but a failure of a season.

Thus, here we are. Three (3) days away from the tipping point of the 2008 Texans season. Win, and the majority of the fanbase is likely still guzzling the Kool-Aid and chalking up the 1-3 start to quality opponents and/or bad luck. Lose, and...well, I don't even want to think about it, but rest assured that the bloom will be completely off the rose at Reliant Park.