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As Suspected, No One's Getting Canned Until After The Season

No real surprise that (1) Bob McNair's frustrated and (2) no staff evaluations (read: firings) are going to take place until the season is complete. I've said repeatedly that I'm not a member of the "Fire Kubes!" mob; he's an offensive-minded coach who has made the offense infinitely better since he arrived. Bias aside, the Houston offense would be damn near unstoppable if its QBs could hang onto the ball and/or avoid throwing into double coverage. Consequently, I think Kubes should return for a fourth year unless the players begin tuning him out. At this point, it appears the players are still firmly in Kubes' corner, so I believe McNair should bring Kubes back next year. Kubiak still has plenty of room for improvement in areas that we've documented at length, but I think he's done enough to warrant one more year to work through those issues.

Unless, of course, Kubes insists on bringing Richard Smith back. Should that happen, Kubes becomes a big part of the largest problem on this squad, and McNair would have no choice but to call any bluff along the lines of "If he goes, I go." Judging from some of the things both Kubes and the players have said, however, I don't see that happening. I think Kubes understands that Smith has to go, and he's not going to take a bullet for a defensive coordinator whose decisions and use of personnel surpassed indefensible months ago.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I can't imagine anyone believes Richard Smith should be brought back in 2009. If you're a fervent anti-Kubes guy or gal, let us know why in the Comments below. And feel free to tell us who you want to see as the new defensive coordinator of your Houston Texans next year.