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"More Weight:" Earl Cochran Placed On Injured Reserve

In the latest example that Giles Corey was likely the first fan of your Houston Texans, the Chronicle reports that DE Earl Cochran is done for the year, thanks to a torn ligament in his right big toe. Tip 'o the cap to Chris at Houston Diehards for first bringing this crushing development to my attention in the Comments to this post.

Even though Cochran wasn't starting opposite Super Mario (for reasons I will never understand), this is a sizable loss, if for no other reason than the fact that it guarantees more snaps for The Corpse Formerly Known As Anthony Weaver. In turn, this also means that the Houston pass rush will again be limited to the efforts of Super Mario and Tim Bulman (whenever he's fortunate enough to get onto the field).

A word of warning to Bulman: Be wary of exposing any fingers or toes in the presence of Travis Johnson and/or Anthony Weaver. Now that Cochran's out of the way, you could be next.